He explains the situation, how he killed Vanno after Vanno killed Serpente, and how they suspects now that he killed Vanno or is working with the Orco's. 2016. He says that he has a perfect one. Ronald notices them and smiles and beginds walking over to them. He again says that if Nero isn't dead, he will be. Corteo calls out to him so he turns around. Nero walks over to him and says that he doesn't remember doing anything to earn his hatred. :~91 DAYS files~: Angelo Lagusa, also known as Avilio Bruno Has severe hatred for Vanetti family, who killed his parents and younger brother. Though he tries to stop him, Corteo barges in. Nero says that it doesn't matter because they don't actually have the recipe. Smiling, Barbero says that it seems "Master Ronald" is paying them a call. Nero turns and walks out of the room. Corteo says that if they stay there, Tigre will die, as will they. As he takes it, he says that it might not be long before he kills him, either. À la suite d’une embrouille avec la mafia locale, le jeune Angelo a perdu toute sa famille. They have a wounded man. The next morning, Corteo is awakened by the sounds of cooking. He then starts throwing them in one by one. He then smiles again and says that he tried to charge him out the nose for it. The four men look at Nero nervously as he slowly inches towards his boot. Fango smiles and begins to slowly clap. Suivant. His booze is well received by those who drink it, including Delphy; the head of prohibition. As the last man leaves the room, Angelo puts the gun by his side and walks over to Corteo. Nero kicks a can as Barbero looks at him concerned. He kisses his daughter on the head and tells her to listen to her mother. The river of lamentation into the underworld." Luckily, the counter is iron-plated. Fango takes a sip of liquor and says that it's good. Optimisez vos coûts. Fango starts laughing crazily and yells for someone to get Nero some food. Cerotto says that the room behind is the room and suggests that they go get it out. https://91-days.fandom.com/es/wiki/Corteo?oldid=643. About to swing again, he says that they have to nip the competition in the bud. Corteo says that he doesn't actually want to make moonshine, and just does it so he can go to school. Corteo watches his best friend dealing with his pain over the years. Mar 18, 2019 - Explore Maya's board "91 Days" on Pinterest. Angelo drops his cigarette on the ground and stomps it out with his foot. As the boat gets farther and farther away, Angelo stands at the edge of the boat, staring at the port. Corteo enjoyed reading science books he’d borrowed from the library after he put his ailing mother to sleep[2]. Fio walks interupts, asking what's wrong. The car drives quickly along with Barbero driving, Nero in the passenger seat, Angelo behind Nero and Corteo behind Barbero. Back at the Vanetti mansion, Nero. Desconocida Ronald says that if he insists, go right ahead, but he's the one who'll have to wipe his kid's ass for him. Avilio slowly pushes the knife into Fango's throat and blood begins to trickle out. Smiling, Vanno says that Avilio has a way with words. He says that he's surprised because he never thought that he'd come to him. At that, Corteo smiled happily, but didn't seem to believe him. Vanno extends his hand and introduces himself as Vanno Clemente. 91 Days by Oujiji on DeviantArt . She says that he has an unusual visitor. The brother walks into the kitchen, whistling, and starts smashing alcohol supplies with his bat. Sometime later, Corteo and Avilio both go to a local cafe in an effort to persuade Delphy. Vanno sniffs it a few times, then takes a sip. But he had a timid side to him. They use these to make supper. When Fango asks what they have to offer, Angelo says that he'll bring Don Orco to him, alive and he can do what he wants with him. The whole time, Angelo looks out his window and doesn't react. Avilio says that he's glad the Nero was acknowledged by Vince. [1] He showed to be very loyal to Angelo, and returned from exile to 'save him' despite it being a trap. Corteo says that it's hard to sleep and that he misses his bed. Vanno smiles and looks over to Nero who's watching intently. He says he's worried. Synopsis: ragédie : ses parents et son jeune frère ont été impitoyablement massacrés par la famille mafieuse Vanetti. doodles and dreams. She says that she just brought them there. This angers Angelo and Corteo says that even if he hadn't, it would have been the same way with him dying. The two run to the back as Barbero and Nero run out as well. His father had been friends with Angelo’s from the Moreno Family, but was a lower ranking member. He looks over at Angelo and stops. Corteo says that he can't stands the mafia. He begins laughing but then stops suddenly, saying that Scusa is "human garbage." He leaves the store and Corteo is standing outside, waiting for him and smoking. When Avilio enters Corteo's apartment, he finds it completely trashed. Corteo. Antes de irse, se despidió de toda la familia Lagusa y en el camino, se encontro con Testa Lagusa. It's an eye for an eye. Angelo, who had been leaning against a pole beside them, sees the silhouette of Corteo standing on the stairs. He begs Avilio to wait and says that he didn't kill Vanno. But Corteo stubbornly refuses to confess anything, a fact which will likely lead to his death. This shocks everyone and horrifies Angelo. ", Avilio then travels to Cerotto's Bar and hands him something. He has grayish-black hair hair that is slicked back, usually wearing a hat. They have been indexed as Male Adult with Blue eyes and Black hair that is To Ears length. He again refuses and hangs up the phone as his wife and daughter look scared. Corteo asks if he found out who did it. 91 Days : un anime mafieux en pleine vendetta. Angelo says that he saved Nero's life multiple times. (y-n)'s eyes widened as he/she fell backward against the wall with their hand pressed up against there hip. A pesar de haber estado más de 10 años distanciados, están dispuesto a ayudarse mutúamente otra vez. Angelo is shocked to see him and asks what he's doing there. Angelo says that his revenge isn't finished. Granchio tells Nero not to get so mad. Angelo says that they claim to be his dad's best friend and want to help him with my revenge. He hates the mafia and doesn't want anything to do with them. Hot homes. En ese momento, se entera de lo sucedido con la familia de Bruno y comienza a llorar junto a él. Luce calls that he's first as he jumps into Elena’s arms with a broad smile. Corteo stands around the corner listening nervously. Before he can answer he cuts his finger and it begins to bleed. Ganzo tells them that Corteo escaped out the back window. He sadly asks why he would come back, and Corteo says that it was because Ganzo said that Angelo was in danger. He is accompanied by two other men. Then, he can make booze with them and make loads of cash. On the road, Testa Lagusa slows down to wave at Corteo and they wave at each other. On the phone in his apartment, Avilio says to someone to let him know if they find him and then hangs up. Outside, Angelo spots Corteo walking out of the building. Barbero hands Nero a newspaper, and Nero reads out loud that Delphy exposes multiple establishments selling bootleg liquor. The man orders that they leave, and they don't want their crummy booze there. Barbero walks up to Avilio and asks if he let Corteo escape. Delphy tells him to keep his dirty money. Avilio asks if the candles were made out of paraffin. Corteo smiles back at him. Suddenly, gunshots ring out and Ganzo yells for someone to get in there. Barbero steps in and tells Vanno to stop immediately. If they don't kill him, the Galassias will just get personally involved. It maintains a blue flame and the three are taken back. Angelo says that when he lived in this room, he was an empty shell until that letter came. Ver más ideas sobre anime, personajes de anime, days anime. Distressed, Cerotto says that he would have never seen this coming since Corteo hated the mafia since he was a kid. He yells his name and runs over and opens the door. Listening, Angelo grins as he says that the Orcos are ahead of them and the Vanettis behind. Avilio suddenly grabs his gun and shoves it to the side as he pushes a knife into Fango's throat. A car pulls up and Barbero asks if he's okay. Corteo (コルテオ, Koruteo) es uno de los personajes de91 Days. When the door opens, she sees Angelo and Corteo enter. They all exit the room with Barbero stopping momentary to stare at Angelo. He light his cigarette and says that it's bizarre and explains that they claim to be his dad's best friend, and want to help him with his revenge and that He's been handed everything, even the names of the men who stole the people he loved. Nero has bags under his eyes. Barbero chokes a bit and says that it's got quite a kick and asks where they make it. As they enter to Island, Angelo sees Tigre sitting in his car, reading a newspaper before spitting out his window. As Angelo leans against the store, Corteo hands him a cigarette and lights it for him. He says that if he makes Fio cry, he'll beat the crap out of him. Before he shoots, the man suddenly kicks the gun upwards and pulls out a knife, swiping it him. The two look ashamed as Fio scolds them before walking towards her husband. Fango n’est plus de la partie, mais Corteo va devoir payer cher les décisions qu’il a prises. As Corteo, Tigre, Barbero and Avilio sit in Nero's office reading the newspaper, Tigre calls Delphy a big-nosed freak. Avilio walks over with his hands behind his head. Fango's impressed and Avilio tells him to let Corteo go. He feels that Avilio resents them over what happened to Corteo, especially Nero. Nero calmly leaves and Avilio follows him. Fango tells the "New Nero" to come over then. He turns and looks at Cerotto and Corteo who are both staring at him. He opens his eyes and says that he's glad he got to see him again. Smiling, Vanno smokes a cigarette and says that they can't go back there for a while. He hides behind a tree and stares at the garage and pulls out his pocket knife. He sits quietly staring back at him, with a small smile on his face as well. Barbero smiles and asks if they can talk in private. Apodos Coreto asks where his body is. Avilio walks outside to the backyard where he find Nero juggling rocks. Scusa smiles and thanks him for asking. Overlooking the Island, Corteo says that that's where it will probably fetch the highest price. As they walk through, Angelo says that it's a pretty big operation. The man says that he's a huge fan of Nero's. Histórico. Angelo asks why he wants the Vanettis dead. Saison 0 1 Episodes; Saison 1 13 Episodes; Ddl-francais VOSTFR - FHD; Episode : 1. Corteo gets out of the car and Fango asks if he's gonna walk home. Luego de que Angelo vuelve para tomar venganza, se encuentra con Corteo. Ganzo stands, inraged, but Vincent tells him to calm down, saying he'll ruin his brain, like he did. Avilio asks how long he was in for and Nero says that he isn't sure, but he thinks 5 years. Elena calls the three boys, and they look at one another, grinning. Luce suggests that they go on an adventure as he takes his hand and pulls him towards the forest. Ve a Bruno solo e inmediatamente se dirige a abrirle la puerta. Angelo apologizes and says that he shouldn't have come there. Fango smiles and says that he must want a reward as he wipes his face. He told me to track you down by any means necessary. Corteo was watching Luce’s feet. Just as he's about to board the train, someone reaches from behind and pulls him back. Angelo grabs the booze from the car and they both walk down towards the water. Cortwo is taken back by this. Debut As they walk in, Corteo notices Cerotto by one of the barells. Delphy asks what it is. Dessin. Corteo VOICE. It's shown that Corteo is holding a flask and appears to be drunk. Fango apologizes for interrupting and says that he's looking for Nero Vanetti. Nero takes the cigarette out of his mouth and says that he made up his mind to never get in a car that he's driving again. Fango suggests that they make a trade. High quality 91 Days gifts and merchandise. Nero says that he was as he pulls off his beard and smooths back his hair. As he goes to pick it up, Corteo appears on the other side of the counter. Nero lays on the ground. Coreto confirms this. Inside, Lacrima sits at [where the bartender serves...] drinking sadly. They laid the food out on the picnic rug. Corteo is shocked and turns away. Amused, Fango says that she's making him jealous. Angelo says that he doesn't, and that it's his first time. Barbero says that it was fast as Fango follows Angelo out. Corteo/Fango (91 Days) Corteo (91 Days) Fango (91 Days) Angelo Lagusa | Avilio Bruno; Nero Vanetti; Gay Sex; Gay; Voyeurism; Accidental Voyeurism; Anal; Anal Sex; Childhood Friends; Enemies to Lovers; Loss of Virginity; Virginity; Summary. Fango pushes Tigre in front of him with a gun to his head. He then gups it down before saying that he can't stay there. Avilio doesn't turn around and keeps walking. He enters a room with Barbero, Ganzo, Nero, and Tigre. A police officer waits there and he asks that he take care of them. Fango says that they're next. Avilio says they were, and that they called what happened with Ronald "water under the bridge." Inside the tunnel, Nero knocks on the door. Barbero asks if it was Avilio who got him out of the garage, and he refuses this as well. Nero walks in and asks what's wrong. Avilio shakes his hand and introduces himself as Avilio Bruno. He says that they don't even know for sure that Nero killed Serpente, and they lost Vanno. Scusa is disappointed when Cerotto shows that there is no more of Corteo's alcohol. Corteo asks if it's okay for him to be back in town. Around 1920, Angelo, Corteo, and the rest of the Lagusa family go on a picknick. Barbero walks in and asks if he could have a moment. Nero notices that Tigre is slumped over in his seat with a handkerchief tied in front of his mouth. Vanno then makes a disgusted face and asks Granchio for a coffee. Corteo pulls out a cigarette and sticks it in his mouth. Smiling, Nero asks what's wrong, asking if he doesn't get to eat it then. Vince scolds him slightly for this. Distracted, Cerotto is taken back and compliments his swing. Nero and Gatto shoot at each other but they are both behind cover. Angelo shoots him and then sadly begins to smile. Angelo comes inside the house. Nero says that he must be the crazy guy that joined Orco. Corteo's Beware of the Nice Ones moment at the end of this episode is truly disturbing and at the same time heartwrenching to watch. Angelo tells him to call him "Avilio Bruno." As Avilio walks to Corteo's apartment, we see that the Vanetti men are all out looking for him. Corteo deja que Bruno se quede en su casa; cuando él se duerme, Bruno se va. Pasaron 7 años hasta que volvieron a verse. 91 Days Saison 1 Episode 1 en streaming vf et vostfr . Nero whistles and says that his dad will love it. Ronald smiles before exiting. He runs behind where Nero was hiding, only to find the window open and Nero gone. 4. Angry, Nero says to fire rounds into Delphy's house, and, if that doesn't work, to rub him out. Angelo says please as the letter falls on the floor. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Before he can continue, the phone rings and Barbero goes to answer it. Produrre, organizzare, trovare soluzioni, impegnarci a far rete, razionalizzare e mettere in comune, attingere alle nostre risorse. Corteo stands up to follow him, but when he walks past Delphy, Delphy shoves the money in front of his chest and says that he forgot it. Concerned, Nero slept at all. He hesitates but answers it nonetheless. Angelo explains that if he wants to get close to Don Vanetti, he needs to earn his trust. His mother coughs from the other room. At Cerotto's shouting, Nero tells him to pipe down. See more ideas about 91 days, day, anime. Despite this, he agrees to help Angelo. In Nero's office, Nero looks over some papers and asks Barbero if it's the list of invitees. Back in the office, Barbero drags Corteo to sit in a chair. Luce finds a berry and asks if it's poisonous. Avilio calmly asks who's with him. Nero laughs and asks how much they can sell them per week. Mar 18, 2019 - Explore Maya's board "91 Days" on Pinterest. Tigre grabs some chew and says that he won't be eating for a while. He says to stay out of his life. They both stop and look at each other before Nero goes forward and Angelo walks forward. Fango asks if he minds if he takes the gun. 91 Days (ナインティワンデイズ , lit. Niño I was afraid to shoot. Barbero says that if they were going to, they'd choose Orco or Vanetti. Barbero puts his hand on his gun and tells the man not to come any closer. As they run outside, with Avilio holding he briefcase, they don't stop until they make it to where Tigre is parked. He gulps down the rest of his drink then stands up to leave. Angelo says that they'd like to sell some alcohol. Barbero says that someone saw him on the pier the day Avilio left for Chicago. She says that is if he makes it out alive before squeezing it. Nero turns around and tells them to find the traitor. Muerto Votre audit The two head out and go to the grocery store. Nero smiles and stands up, and tells Avilio that he should come too. And that they're brothers, after all. As the two dock at the island, a man with a gun approaches and asks who they are. Barbero, carrying an umbrella, is just now entering the building and, smiling, calls out to him. Sus familias siempre se llevaron bien y además, entre ellos, hay un gran vinculo familiar. Nero says no, because he was supposed to, but got sent to prison before that. Having been shot in the arm, Ganzo stumbles out, cursing, as Tigre and Gianni come running. Tigre and Barbero look unfazed by this and Barbero tells him not to change the subject. 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru. Gatto says that the higher-ups want to work with the Vanettis. Corteo looks uncomfortable, but, suddenly, Volpe calls out to them and asks what they're doing. Angelo smiles and teasingly asks that it wasn't him. He and Corteo have been friends since even before that fateful day in 1921. Cerotto tells Corteo that he went to Fango's apartment with Avilio and Vanno. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Je vois pas trop en quoi mon poste contenait un spoil, surtout que je confirmais juste le message de cocoPP, m'enfin soit..Peut-être la deuxième phrase. Retrouvez tout le casting de la saison 1 de la série 91 Days: les acteurs, les réalisateurs et les scénaristes Fango says that he thought he smelled something fishy about him. it's real. He agrees. He pulls his gun out and aims it at them, but doesn't pull the trigger. It's actually Ganzo who tells him to come back at once because he has to save Angelo. He asks if he wants to make money with him because he wants to sell his alcohol to the family. Vanno asks if he'd ever killed him before. Barbero begins to protest, but then looks at Nero and stops. Avilio turned to face Corteo. In Nero's office, Nero and Barbero are talking. Now alone, Angelo pours himself a shot. Someone asks who's there, and Nero answers. Ganzo says that, for now, he should pick a familiar place to lay low. He calls it Maestro Vanno's special Lawless-style cioppino. Vanno says that it seems the old man's getting the works. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Cerotto asks why he would want to kill Nero so bad that he would team up with Fango. Fango asks if Serpente is dead or not, and suggest that they just asks them. Corteo takes a drink but says that it's too sweet. Nero says that Barbero has a bad habit of being too suspicious. Tigre sits on the steps and notices a group of kids playing with a ball. Nero asks if he means Del Toro. Despite this, he agrees to help Angelo. The man doesn't react, so Nero says that he looks good at sucking on stuff. Avilio Bruno (アヴィリオ・ブルーノ, Avuirio Burūno) Voiced by: Takashi Kondō (Japanese); Austin Tindle (English) The main protagonist, whose real name is Angelo Lagusa (アンジェロ・ラグーザ, Anjero Ragūsa). Barbero asks if he wanted to avenge Corteo. 91. At the door, Barbero warns Nero not to take his eyes off Ronald once they get back at the mansion. Tout commence par le meurtre d'une famille entière, sauf un garçon du nom d'Angelo qui arrive à s'échapper. Otaku. The identity of the traitor who leaked information to Fango and tried to kill Nero has been revealed. Corteo says that he does still hate them. She says that it's better if he stays away from him because "He doesn't have a proper job, yet he has all that money..." Smiling, Corteo says that they're brothers. Hay veces que tiende a ser tímido y una persona muy cobarde. Corteo closes the door and asks what he wanted to talk about. As Avilio is in the doorway, Corteo throws the money at him and it explodes all over the floor. Nero hugs him back, thanking him. Suddenly, Fango raises his gun at them and shouts that he'd never be able to forgive him as he points the gun at Angelo. Barbero walks past Corteo, friendily putting his hand on his shoulder before embracing Nero, welcoming him back. Nero says that he's a good guy. Angelo calmly says that if they do, he won't be able to get close to Vince. Avilio and Corteo | 91 Days. Avilio says he's drunk and that Nero should go on ahead as he walks out. Vengeance et famille. Corteo tells them to throw something and then run for the exit. Barbero says that he seems to be in a foul mood. Barbero asks if he'd decided on a place for the funeral. At a zoo, Corteo asks if that's his favorite place. Losing everything he holds dear, he leaves both his name and hometown behind, adopting the new identity of Avilio Bruno. Barbero says no, as all the roads out of town are blocked off. Nero says that it's a Phantom from the Galassias. At the Vanetti mansion, Angelo knocks on the door. Angelo, Corteo, Barbero, and Nero sit in their room. He could steal your position as Nero's right hand." Angelo/Avilio had noticed Corteo beginning to act unusual, especially around Fango. Por lo general, viste una camisa blanca acompañada de un chaleco de color marrón. Vanno throws his hand up in annoyance before stuffing a cake in his mouth. He asks where Angelo had been for the last seven years. She asks if he's a friend of Angelo's. Back inside, they all sit around the room, not talking. Género Tigre lays on the floor under a coat, panting. Perdant tout ce qui lui est cher, il laisse derrière lui son nom et sa ville natale, adoptant la nouvelle identité d’Avilio Bruno. Corteo quietly and slowly knocks on Fango's door. Someone opens as Avilio points a gun at them. Frate tells Nero that he has to leave the city as soon as possible and that if anyone sees him, it won't end well. Read more information about the character Corteo from 91 Days? Fango says that Orco won't be around much longer. Barbero slides his glasses up and asks if he has any proof that it isn't a trap. Tigre and Cerotto run out the window. The two look at each other before Angelo looks away and says that they should just eat or the lasagna will get cold as he puts a small piece in his mouth. Barbero explains that he's called the Fango family executives to meet with them in the morning of the next day. As the three enter Fango's office, he calls her a sow and says that she can't stop bringing in the young ones. Cerotto says that his older brother works with Fango, who's a new guy working with the family, but that he's a psycho. Serpente continues to hold a knife against his throat. Avilio tells him to let him try. Since Fango's gone, they're done for. But Corteo stubbornly refuses to confess anything, a fact which will likely lead to his death. Ganzo asks if he killed Nero. At the door, someone is standing behind one of the curtains. Tigre says that there is no need to be so nervous and Ganzo replies that they are the big family that controls Chicago, so they shouldn't do anything to offend them. Barbero says that he thinks they should take him off security at the playhouse. Granchio is about to punch him when Nero grabs his arm. Fango abruptly stops laughing and asks if that's so. Barbero asks if Corteo showed up at the boat and Tigre tells him that he hadn't. Over the course of the series they grew apart for quite sometime, but rekindle their friendship in episode 10. The two and Gianni are interruped by applause. Nero refuses this, and tells him to keep rolling it out. Corteo waves in his special way and Angelo smiles at him as he walks away. Avilio Bruno Angelo doesn't pick up the gun, so Ganzo asks what's wrong. Seven years ago, on his birthday in April 1921, his father, mother, and little brother were murdered by Vincento Vanetti and … At the counter, Nero, and Barbero sit while Corteo and Volpe stand. Crying, Corteo mixes a drink for him as he wipes his eyes. Cortéo is Italian for "cortège" or procession. With Corteo taken into custody, the Vanetti family has been thrown into an uproar. He tells him to use it well. Nero says that he was on a job for the family. CUI PRODEST? Corteo a été vendu aux Vanetti par des hommes de Fango pour avoir tué ce dernier. Gatto asks if he means at the Vanetti Mansion. Barbero says that it's only a matter of time before they find them there. Smiling, Corteo sits back in his chair and closes his eyes, saying that it's been a crazy ride. Barbero asks where he is and Corteo says that he's Fango's hostage.

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